Malcolm Casselle: Shaping the Virtual Asset Marketplace

 WAX is the next big thing in the cryptocurrency market. A P2P marketplace trading in virtual assets. WAX was built on the foundation of decentralized and blockchain smart contracts allowing the sellers and buyers to trade their virtual goods efficiently. It has come with an answer for two big concerns in the virtual asset market: Fraud is one and fragmentation is the other. The able creators of OPSkins are launching WAX. OPSkins is already leading in the global market in the sale of in-game virtual assets. Malcolm Casselle is the CIO behind this leading bitcoin merchant in the world today. OPSkins leaders in virtual asset marketplace is a centralized platform. It has therefore encountered some challenges in line with technology hence giving room for the creation of a decentralization marketplace for the virtual assets.

Going into the first issue being sorted by WAX, there is need to unite the fragmented virtual asset market. The fragmentation existed due to the different payment processing concerns, security, and language matters. The WAX token is the incoming application for blockchain to the eSports that will solve the fragmentation issue. It will create a market with no limitations hence giving chance to the buyers and sellers to tokenize and make the sale of their assets without fears. The platform for WAX gives room for the users to tokenize gaming assets and then immediately buy or sell these assets to prospective buyers. This will cut off all the limitations in the virtual asset marketplace. Moving on, this will solve the issue of location fragmentation. The WAX token is a common form of currency for all the users and hence it will eliminate the issues relating to FOREX. The other challenge of ending is the fraud. Security will be improved because there will be no intermediaries in the trading platforms.

Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of OPSkins and current president of the upcoming Worldwide Asset eXchange, WAX. Malcolm has served in other companies before his current positions and that has contributed to the tremendous skills he has acquired over time. He has helped companies to startup in business some of which have risen to incredible heights in the technological world. Malcolm is a graduate of Stanford University and MIT where he gladly acquired his degree in computer science.


Ian King, Banyan Hill Publishing, & Cryptocurrency Trading

Let us start things off with a question. What do professionals Ted Bauman, Jeff Yastine, and Ian King have in common? What these three professionals he in common, other than the fact that they are three of the most respected professionals, is the fact that they have all called Banyan Hill Publishing home. That’s right, among the company’s many accomplishments, one of Banyan Hill Publishing’s most successful accolades is the fact that they have housed three of the most successful and knowledgeable investment and financial experts in recent memory. For many people, especially in the investment world, it is a must to give credit when credit is due. So, in respect of every financial and investment expert around, much respect to the investment company Banyan Hill Publishing for providing the investment and financial community with three of the most brilliant minds in the field. With that out of the way, we can now focus on the career of Ian King who, out of all of his peers, has one of the most successful and accomplished careers around. As a professional, Ian King has been so well-rounded and versatile in his professional career. That is why he has been so successful in the field. Put simply, there is not too much that Ian King has not dealt with when it comes to his profession. That said, one of his most experienced efforts have been in the cryptocurrency scene in this field. So, here is more on Ian King Banyan, his contributions to Banyan Hill Publishing, and his knowledge of cryptocurrency. Follow Ian King at

Ian King, Banyan Hill Publishing, & Cryptocurrency.

Among his many successes, Ian King is definitely proud to serve Banyan Hill Publishing. As a senior analyst at the company, Ian King does everything from trading and investing, to developing and analyzing certain areas and trends of investing and everything that comes with it. However, most notably, Ian King also serves as crypto profit trader at Banyan Hill Publishing. This is where his knowledge of cryptocurrency has been so beneficial to the company. As an expert in this area, Ian King has been able to succeed in advising and predicting how the company can profit from cryptocurrency. In addition, as we can imagine, he has brought huge profits to not just Banyan Hill Publishing but, himself as well. Needless to say, Ian King has proven why he is a foundational piece of his company’s success. Visit: