Sergey Petrossov – Founder of JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov is a successful entrepreneur who has done an excellent job building a startup called JetSmarter. JetSmarter is a company that functions like Uber or Lyft. However, instead of offering car rides, the company provides plane rides for customers. A venture capital firm in Saudi Arabia provided a massive investment to get the company started. Sergey has numerous connections in Saudi Arabia, and he was able to secure the funding after weeks of discussions.

Early Life

Sergey grew up in a family that struggled with money. Although his parents worked multiple jobs, his parents always a struggle to pay for basic needs. Sergey decided that he never wanted to struggle with money. After graduating from college, he landed a quality job at a reputable company. Although he was making a lot of money, he did not enjoy working for other people. He decided to leave the company to pursue his business interests.


Sergey invested his life savings into a business venture after leaving his corporate job. Although the business eventually failed, he was able to learn valuable lessons about managing a company. He decided to start another business after getting a loan from a local bank. His business idea was successful, and he was able to earn a substantial income from it. After selling the company, Sergey had a ton of capital to work with.


Sergey travels across the world to look for business opportunities. He does not enjoy flying on commercial airlines. He decided to develop an app to help people in his situation. JetSmarter helps hundreds of customers each year. Although the company is small, it has the potential to transform the airline industry.

Listen to Sergey at SXSW 2018

Community Support as a Prime Concern for Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the Chief Executive Officer of Custom Companies Inc. As a corporate leader, Perry Mandela has a motive to give back to his society. The drive of Perry Mandera to engage in philanthropic activities take numerous forms ranging from service to the establishment of his enterprise based in Illinois to offer job opportunities. Moreover, Perry Mandera demonstrates his dedication directed towards charitable courses through his work and the founding of philanthropic organizations like the Custom Cares Charities Inc. the passion of Perry Mandera to serve his community commenced during his adult life period. After graduating from high school in 1975, Perry Mandera volunteered to work at Marine Corps Reserves. Perry Mandera served at the enterprise as the company’s truck driver. His profession at the agency nurtured Perry into a successful entrepreneur in the transportation segment later.


Perry Mandera worked in the transportation industry for a while before establishing his venture. Mandera’s experience in different sectors provided him with an insight to expand his business to serve his community by providing job opportunities. As a philanthropist whose motive is geared towards influencing his society, Perry Mandera pursued a duty in the public segment. In 1984, Perry Mandera was elected as a Ward Committeeman for the Republican ward in Chicago. He served for four years in the public sector before leaving in 1988. Perry Mandera established The Custom Companies, Inc. immediately after leaving the office. Since the company’s establishment, the business venture has expanded precipitously. Now, the agency attends to many clients and meets the needs of different companies from small enterprises to fortune corporations.


Besides focusing on helping all individuals, Perry Mandera’s assistance is dedicated mainly to children and military personnel. Additionally, Perry Mandera prioritizes contributing significantly towards the fight against cancer ailments. Some of the companies that have benefitted from the donations made by Perry Mandera include Connie Payton Foundation. Perry Mandera has collaborated with board directors of various organizations providing transportation and clothing to needy kids in the land of Chicago and the surrounding areas. Additionally, Mandera has given away resources to help victims affected by natural disasters. In this pursuit, Perry Mandera has aided many individuals.