Lee May Brings it in For Nemesis

Lee May is more than just the Senior Partner for Beamridge Ltd. He is a leader for several different young boxers in the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. This relationship is made solid through his spearheading a fund raising effort to keep the organization not only up and running but thriving as well. These funds are the result of a charity run that spans 10 Kilometers.


The purpose behind this endeavor is new transportation for club members. Every amount of support gathered from the event goes to Nemesis. The amount of money needed to procure the mini bus the club needs is not nearly important as the service its people provide to local families in its community. What does hold importance is the network of colleagues who have reached out to help Lee May and Nemesis.


This kind of action is made possible through crowdfunding, which cuts through the red tape of officially being a charity organization before being able to fund a good cause. Having this mini bus allows Nemesis members to compete locally and within European tournaments. The club does more than train athletes, as it helps to make sure that its members develop healthily within an enriched environment. Nemesis ABC is to thank for this structure.


As a long-time boxing fan, this project suites Lee May perfectly. And, he is in good company with supporting parties such as Open Architecture Ltd, Aitch Group and the Keltbray Foundation. But, organizations are the only ones to thank for their support. Everyday good people like Gilbert Anderson and Mark Hoskins deserve a word of recognition as well. It takes a businessman as cool and smooth as Lee May to bring this many people together for something as fun as a support for a youth boxing club.

Logan Stout Is Changing People’s Lives Through Nutrition and Philanthropy:

     Logan Stout is a massively successful businessman and philanthropist who serves as Chief Executive Officer of the company he founded – IDLife, LLC. Logan is also a well-respected author and speaker at leadership conferences. He has even had a career as a professional baseball player. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a consistent ability to find success through building teams. This has led to the generation of billions of dollars throughout his entrepreneurial career.

IDLife is a company that focuses on providing its customers with the highest quality all organic supplements for nutritional needs. The company’s program puts a heavy emphasis on each individual customers supplement needs and takes into account different aspects of their medical history and their life habits. To help get its message of nutrition and wellness out there, IDLife has partnered with football legend Troy Aikman. The company also works with Jen Widerstrom a well-respected trainer to many celebrities. One of the major issues facing the world today is the epidemic of obesity and this is an area that Logan Stout and IDLife are endeavouring to change. This major health concern carries with it a litany of possible consequences including diabetes, heart disease and cancer to name just a few. One of the reasons that IDLife has been so successful in working towards these goals is the fact that the company veers off from the traditional supplement approach and instead tailors its supplement program to an individual basis for each customer. This fresh approach is having quite an impact in changing the face of the dietary supplement industry. The company also spares no expense in making sure that the ingredients in its proprietary supplement blends are of the utmost of quality and fully organic.

Logan Stout has also developed an impressive reputation over his career for his philanthropy. This love of giving back to the community was on display in the wake of the devastation that was wrought by Hurricane Harvey. Logan Stout immediately recognized the importance of those with the means to help in the recovery doing so. He quickly became committed to helping in the massive clean up efforts that were required to help the affected communities recover from the disaster. Logan Stout had his company’s offices converted to makeshift storage areas where supplies could be stored in order to be distributed to the victims of the disaster. These supplies were distributed primarily in the Texas cities of Houston and Tomball. Logan Stout also utilized his significant presence on social media outlets to get the word out about the kind of help that was needed. This was instrumental in the recruitment of many volunteers who gladly gave of their time to help the people who were suffering from the aftermath of one of the worst hurricanes in recorded history.

Bob Reina: Everyone Needs A Friend

If there is one thing that is true in life, it is this: everyone needs a friend. Also, everyone needs a little help once in a while. There is no shame in admitting this and there is no weakness in admitting this. For so long, people have been hiding what they are truly feeling and what is making them sad or unhappy. For men, this is especially a problem. They have been programmed to hold in their emotions and keep them in check even if they feel sad. The truth of the matter is everyone is strong, but people have moments where life gets them down. It is just how life works. The key is being able to know those moments will pass and they will not stick around forever.

It is how they are going to respond during those moments that will truly make all the difference in the world for them. Bob Reina knows that people need a friend and they need someone that is going to listen to them, care about them, and be there for them through thick and thin. This is someone that is not going to let them down, betray them, or lie to them. They are going to give it to them straight all of the time and help them up during those tough moments. It is about being reliable. Learn more: https://humanesocietytampa.org/bob-reina-the-man-behind-the-million-dollar-gift/

Bob Reina gives a lot of speeches to promote Talk Fusion and also to inspire people. This is something that means the world to him. He loves to connect with the people and get on the same page as them. He wants to know how they feel about Talk Fusion and how it is helping them. During these speeches, people get the chance to really know Bob Reina, understand him, and feel like he is really, truly someone that is there for them.

He makes sure his customer service team is well aware of what is going on with the company as well. He wants them to help out the customers and be there for them if they have any questions or concerns about the product.

Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group are Offering Consumers High Quality Products

OSI Group is a global firm that specializes in the production of food products. The main offices for the organization are found in Aurora, and it has been doing excellent in the tight markets. Getting to this high level in the complicated market has not been easy as most people think. OSI group has shown great performance in all the products and services it has been giving consumers, and this explains why it has ventured into so many countries in the globe.When the meat processing company was starting, it was operating as a simple meat store. The owner of the store was operating the facility on his own because there was no complex activities that would require more employees. The businessman, however, worked hard and opened several other branches in many parts of the United States. This hard working investor left a legacy that has done so well over the years. The principles he has laid down in the company have been passed from one generation to the other.

At the moment, OSI Industries operates as an international firm. For a meat processing company to understand the needs and tastes of the customers at the different nations, it has to establish local operations. The experienced professionals who are hired to work in different countries deal with the needs and cultures of the customers, and this ensures that the customers end up with the right services. The management of the food company is believed to be responsible for the success. The individuals holding top positions in the group are experts when it comes to handling animal products and managing the finances of an international company.

Sheldon Lavin is a renowned figure in the food processing world. Currently, the finance executive is working as the CEO and chairman of the large global firm. Sheldon Lavin is currently a household name in the United States because of the things he has been doing to make the food department better. Lavin has spent most of his career life dealing with food products, and he understands how to run an international company. Lavin always keeps the interests of his global customers in mind when delivering his company products. The businessman has a special place for the investors too. All the parties that have chosen to invest with the OSI Group say that they managed to acquire their incomes in time. These individuals have also remained informed about the services and expansion plans of the organization over the years.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Succession Contest Narrowed Down to Seven High-Ranking Executives

     The office of the presidentCEO of Banco Bradesco SA will fall vacant in March when the incumbent, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, steps down. Cognizant of this fact, the Osasco-based Bradesco is in the process of picking Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s successor. Reliable information suggests that the bank has narrowed down the succession contest to seven high-ranking executives.

  • Mauricio Machado de Minas
  • Domingos Figueiredo Abreu
  • Alexandre da Silva Gluher
  • Josué Augusto Pancini
  • Marcelo de Araujo Noronha
  • Octavio de Lazari
  • André Rodrigues Cano

The seven are high-ranking Bradesco’s staff meaning that they are in charge of departments or subsidiaries. Mauricio Machado de Minas oversees the smooth running of the bank’s IT department. Domingos Figueiredo Abreu is at the helm of Bradesco’s treasury and lending departments. Alexandre da Silva Gluher is the bank’s chief risk officer. Pancini is responsible for Bradesco’s branch network including the bank’s high-income segment. Marcelo de Araujo Noronha is the president of Bradesco BBI; a subsidiary tasked with the bank’s corporate and investment banking as well as its card operation. Just like Noronha, Octavio de Lazari is the president of Bradesco Seguros, a subsidiary in charge of Bradesco’s insurance business. André Rodrigues Cano is the team leader of Bradesco’s human resources department.

Looking at their ages and the duration the seven have been at Bradesco, one can quickly conclude that most of them started their professional careers at Bradesco. For instance, the 57-year-old Pancini has been an employee of the bank for 43 years. Lazari, Gluher, and Cano are 40, 42, and 41 years respectively and each of them has been part of the bank for over 40 years. Its only Minas and Noronha that joined Bradesco recently as compared with rest. Bradesco hired Minas in 2009 and Noronha in 2003.

Elevating one of its high-ranking executives to succeed the outgoing Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will require the bank to fill the vacancy that will arise. Put differently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s resignation is likely to ignite a far-reaching succession chain. This will be made possible by Bradesco’s culture that favors elevation of junior staff to higher ranks whenever vacancies arise.

What’s next for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Contrary to expectations, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is not leaving Bradesco anytime soon as he was appointed unopposed to replace the immediate former chairman, Lazaro de Mello Brandao. The executive is in Bradesco to stay. He confirmed this when he declined to take former president Dilma Rousseff’s offer to be in charge of Brazil’s ministry of finance.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been an employee of Bradesco for almost five decades. In fact, he started his banking career at the bank. He is an embodiment of loyal staff, sticking with the bank through thick and thin. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has had a hand in important business strategies undertaken by Bradesco. For instance, he credited with convincing the board of directors that acquiring the Brazilian branch of HSBC was a worthy inorganic growth strategy. To date, the acquisition ranks among the best business decisions undertaken by the bank.

Lazaro de Mello Brandao

Holding a job for one year is an achievement for some people, but Lazaro de Mello Brandao thinks otherwise. According to him, an achievement is keeping the same job for more than seven decades and maintaining the zeal to serve. Brandao, 91, resigned having dedicated more than 80 percent of his life to the Osasco based bank.

Starting in 1981 to October 11, 2017, Brandao held senior management positions at the Osasco-based Bradesco. At the helm of Bradesco, many people found it hard to believe that he started his career at the bank as a clerk.

Learn more at https://www.terra.com.br/economia/trabuco-assumira-presidencia-do-conselho-do-bradesco-banco-nomeara-novo-chefe-executivo-em-marco,9fb1d7fe927d7f26678a7543f82f02edw3u6oihm.html.

Ted Bauman breaks down the limitations of Bitcoin as a Currency

     Just the other day, Ted Bauman took made some damning revelations about bitcoin’s capability to be used as a currency if its underlying technological infrastructure is not fundamentally improved in the near future. As currently formulated, bitcoin leaves a lot to be desired especially when it comes to the unreasonably long transaction processing time. He openly shared his reservations about the capability of bitcoin being used as a currency considering that users have to wait for an average of 10 minutes for a single transaction to complete processing successfully. According to him, this is made even worse with reports of some users who have had to wait for up to more than 40 minutes to process a single transaction as one user reported.

Basically defined, Bitcoin is a digital encrypted currency that only exists within a network of computers. This network is decentralized; meaning each computer on the network contains all the information about all transactions happening on the system and it updates in real-time. This decentralized approach is what makes bitcoin private, secure and also free from manipulation from governmental agencies such as the central bank.

Ted explains that the basic and fundamental use of any given currency is to basically process transactions in a secure and timely manner. He compares it with other transaction methods such as Visa which processes up to 1,700 transactions per second. Bitcoin fairs very poorly against this standards as it currently processes 6.5 transactions per second and it actually expected to worsen as more people adopt the use of bitcoin.

Efforts have been made to help curb this challenge but things are yet to look up. This is because of the tradeoff between the speed of processing transactions and the security and stability of the system as a currency. An increase in the speed of processing transactions can only be achieved by either reducing the amount of data being processed in each bitcoin mining block or increasing the size of the blocks of data being processed so that a lot more information can be processed at once. Both of these methods require some movement of data out of the blockchain which potentially reduces the security and stability of the currency.

About Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also the editor of Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert. His expertise is in asset protection, privacy issues, international migration and low-risk investment.

Matt Badiali – A Leader in Natural Resource Investing

     Matt Badiali is an experienced hydrologist, geologist, and consultant for the oil industry and who has actually worked on oil rigs and explored unused mines. Mr. Badiali is the leading natural resources expert in the investment industry. He regularly contributes his knowledge to ‘Growth Stock Wire’ which is a news briefing on the most profitable trading yields.

In 2005 Matt Badiali worked at Stansberry Research for eleven years as its monthly Stansberry Research Resource Report. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, the Stansberry Research is a U.S. publishing company. The Stansberry Research Report identifies the best investments in metals, energy, and natural resources. Subscribers have continually made tremendous gains from his advice.

In 2017 the Banyan Hill Publishing Company asked Matt to join them as their newsletter natural resource expert to help readers profit from the latest trends in the natural resources field. Mr. Badiali will focus on the research and investment opportunities in precious metals, agriculture, energy, and other natural resources.

Matt Badiali travels around the world becoming an expert in mining and oil drill rigs, while also searching for innovative investment ideas. He meets CEO’s, investors in the resource sector and metal experts, who help to keep him informed about the newest technologies and trends in the natural resource industry.

Matt is also a leading consultant for environmental companies. Mr. Badiali’s vast geology knowledge and experienced in what natural resource stocks will rise comes from his personal experience in going to mining sites for himself. He talks to drilling crews and managers about geologic data and prospects to get a sense of how healthy a company is and its potential in the market place.

Badiali states that the best way to make sure that an investment is safe is to see it for yourself. This is why his clients includes private financiers, leading geologists and natural-resource analysts, and billionaire hedge-fund managers.

Matt Badiali is a noted speaker at natural resource conferences, symposiums, and seminars around the world. He enjoys talking with resource giants like oil magnate T. Boone Pickens, Ross Beaty (silver mining magnate), and his mentor Rick Rule the CEO of Sprott U.S Holdings, a leading natural resource investment management firm.

The fact is, fundamentals appear to be moving back toward balance in the oil industry. That’s in spite of the fact that…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Friday, September 29, 2017




Ted Bauman – Helping Others Understand Investing

     As the current editor of the Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and the Plan B Club, Ted Bauman keeps investors informed on the methods they can use to invest and expand their financial wealth. Ted came on board with Banyan Hill Publishing four years ago at the same time that he joined the Sovereign Society, and his publications put an emphasis on asset protection and investment strategies. Along with his Father,former US congressman Robert Bauman, he co-authored the book, “Where To Stash Your Cash (Legally). Mr. Bauman has also written articles on the state of health care coverage in the United States, advice on donating to nonprofits, and the ways government collects information on individuals.

Ted is a winner of the Templeton Foundation investment competition, named after the late Sir John Templeton. This competition encourages innovation in investment and new ideas. In addition he has had work featured in South African press publications like Mail and Guardian, the Journal of Microfinance, Cape Argus, New Internationalist, and Cape Times. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Mr. Bauman served as a consultant for clients like the government of South Africa and the United Nations, on issues relating to urban, housing, and financial planning. He also traveled to the Caribbean and Latin America when he served with Habitat for Humanity International as their Director of International Housing Programs. Mr. Bauman has written extensively on the lending and debt crisis in the United States and the existing inequality between wealth and income. In September of this year, he was a guest speaker at the Total Wealth Symposium which was held at the Diplomat Resort Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.

Ted Bauman emigrated to South Africa from the United States, having been born in Washington D.C. He received postgraduate degrees in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town. Over the next 25 years he spent the majority of his time working with low-cost housing projects as a fund manager. He helped to organize Slum Dwellers International which has worked in 35 countries, assisting over 14 million people. Ted returned to the United States from South Africa in 2008 and he and his family currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega: Running Mexico’s Leader in Media Companies

     Televisa, the top media companies in Mexico have recently partnered together with Taboola. Taboola is a leader in digital marketing. Taboola makes suggestions to consumers based on content they already enjoy. Televisa is striving to drive more traffic and monetize their website through sponsored content. As more of their viewers utilize the internet every day, there is a need for Televisa to grow their presence online too. Televisa is a top media company in Mexico and reaches audiences throughout all of Latin America.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, Executive Vice President of Grupo Televisa, S.A. has held this position since May of 2000. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega also presently serves as the Member of the Executive Office of the Chairman. He also currently serves as Director for Empresas Cablevision, the Pepsi Bottling Group Mexico, Univision Communications, Inc., and Formento Economico Mexicano.

Before Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega started his career at Grupo Televisa, Angoitia worked at White & Case, LLP located in New York City. Shortly after, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega became a founding partner of his own law firm called Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, S.C. It quickly became one of Mexico’s leading law firms. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega was Emilio Azcárraga’s personal attorney before he passed. Emilio Azcárraga was CEO for Grupo Televisa at the time. Together with Emilio Azcárraga’s family, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega helped to rebuild Grupo Televisa back up to what it is today, leader of media companies in Mexico. This paved the way for Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega to gain his current position as CEO of Grupo Televisa.

How UKV PLC Can Brighten Up Your Day

     UKV PLC is a vintner that is breaking barriers in an industry that is becoming highly competitive due to the number of wine enthusiasts there are these days. Many people are truly appreciating top qualities of wine; however, it’s important to note that many of those very people are not necessarily receiving the highest qualities of products when they’re investing in their respective products.

UKV PLC is a company that’s placed lots of importance on fermenting. The fermenting process consists of having sugars of the products’ fruits convert into the amounts of alcohol that are required to make the product essentially what it’s meant to be in its final stages. UKV PLC does not limit themselves in their researching and developmental phases, as they’re constantly striving to find ways in which they may be able to make improvements to their products by having them undergo thorough and complete processes of manufacturing.

Aside from the fermentation process of wine manufacturing being extremely important, it’s also important to note that there’s another aspect of manufacturing wine products that’s also just as important. That steps is the sanitation process. Sanitizing the production tanks of vintners is highly important, as it essentially eliminates any harmful bacteria that may exist. The bacteria that can exist within the tanks can spread into the liquid contents of wine and potentially make the end-users ill. By having the production tanks undergo thorough and complete processes of sanitation, a wine enthusiast can have a strong amount of assurance from knowing that there are not going to be any harmful amounts of bacteria lingering around in their products. Be sure to speak with one of the customer service assistance of the vintner as soon as you’re able to so that you can go about purchasing a product that you are sure to enjoy.

Check https://about.me/ukvintnersplc for more.