You Can Work From Home Too With The Traveling Vineyard!

Making money working from home is something that is suitable for many people. Whether you’re retired, are a stay at home parent, or have a part time job, or even if you have a full time job but you want an additional income or you want to diversify your income, working from home is a great choice, especially because of its many benefits. How can you get started easily? Well, you can use the Traveling Vineyard!

How does it work? It works by hosting wine tasting events in your home. You work as a wine guide. You make money from these wine tasting events, and at the same time, you have a fun experience and gain friends in the area who are also wine enthusiasts.

The best part is that you’re never alone. You always have access to a support team, a personal guide in our area, an online training center, and materials that will help you get set up for your first wine tasting event, such as marketing posters, wine bottles, etc.

The Traveling Vineyard is unique in that there is a very low start up cost, which is much lower than other direct sales companies. You can get started for less than two hundred dollars. There are no hidden fees, and you are not required to store inventory. Wine is great for direct sales, because there is such a huge audience. Everyone loves wine, men and women. It’s not even competitive, you just work with your own goals. You work together with your fellow wine guides to help each other and to succeed. It’s a great way for making money at your own pace, because you can choose how much to work.

They have over thirty five thousands likes on Facebook, with over thirty three thousand people following their Facebook page, where they post tips on wine tasting and wine education regularly.

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