Terrified bin lorry crew ambushed by axe-wielding gang in violent attack

Three workers were injured in the attack, with one in hospital with 'potentially serious injuries'.

Mum gives birth in moving taxi as she dashes to get home - and driver doesn't take a penny

The taxi driver decided not to charge Ebony for the fare or the cleaning bill and even visited her in hospital with presents. Bobby Bailey said it was "one thousand percent" the craziest thing that's ever happened to him.

Banned driver leaves court to spark ‘unbelievable’ 140mph police chase

Banned driver leaves court to spark ‘unbelievable’ 140mph police chase -

25 injured as ship tips over in dry dock

25 injured as ship tips over in dry dock - The Scottish Ambulance Service said 15 people are in hospital and 10 were treated at the scene.

I was smoking a joint at time of Olivia Pratt-Korbel murder, accused tells jury

I was smoking a joint at time of Olivia Pratt-Korbel murder, accused tells jury - Thomas Cashman, 34, is accused of shooting dead the nine-year-old in Liverpool in August 2022.

Putin accused of sending body double to Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has been mocked by opponents who suggest that he sent a body double to visit war-torn Mariupol over the weekend.

Thousands of viewers sign petition calling for BBC drama to be axed

A BBC drama is due to be released surrounding the events of the Grenfell tower fire that killed 72 people

The Repair Shop experts left sobbing over restoration of painting hidden from Nazis

The Repair Shop returns to BBC One tonight for an all-new series where viewers will be introduced to a guest who left the experts in tears.

Ghost village appears out of reservoir in Spain as country hit by drought

Ghost village appears out of reservoir in Spain as country hit by drought - Northeast Spain has experienced ‘exceptional’ droughts over the last month

Thieves manage to flee with 8ft Gary the Gorilla statue from garden centre

'We are having to move our zebra Zoe into witness protection.'

Gymnastics coach pulls off incredible save

This is the amazing moment a gymnastics coach saw his student fly off a trampoline and quickly threw a mat under him before he landed in British Columbia, Canada on March 16.

Suspect in petrol fire attack arrested after ‘returning to mosque in the same clothes’

A man suspected of setting a Muslim worshipper alight was arrested the next day after returning to the mosque in the same clothes to pray. Police are understood to be questioning the individual over both the attack in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham on Monday and a separate incident in which an elderly Muslim man was set on fire outside a mosque i...

London crime: Shocking 47 hours on city's streets sees 7 stabbed, 3 dead and woman 'fall from height'

The last two days have seen a wave of violence across London

Rishi Sunak’s Northern Ireland Brexit plan passes but 20-plus Tories rebel

The Commons has approved Rishi Sunak’s revised plan for post-Brexit Northern Ireland trade, but with a rebellion by a seeming 20-plus Conservative MPs. The vote was passed by 515 votes to 29. While the breakdown of votes is not immediately released, with eight Democratic Unionist party MPs set to have voted against it, that is likely to have meant 21 Conservative rebels defied the three-line whip. The rebellion was boosted after Boris Johnson...

25 hurt and 15 rushed to hospital after billionaire Microsoft founder's ship blows over

The fire service and ambulances have arrived at Leith Docks in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Woman holds sit-down protest after London property firm bought entire Welsh village for £1m and hiked rents by 60 per cent as she vows: 'I would rather die than leave'

Sara Lewis, 55, is carrying out a daily sit-down protest against massive rent hikes - after a London property company snapped up her entire Welsh village of Aberllefenni for £1million.

Allegations of unlawful special forces executions ‘extremely serious’

The Afghanistan inquiry officially launched on Wednesday, but many of the hearings are set to be held in private.

US bombers joined by Nato allies in show of strength in skies over Europe

US bombers joined by Nato allies in show of strength in skies over Europe -

Worst Ofsted rating for school where pupils 'climb on roof and physically threaten staff'

"Low expectations, a lack of respect and disregard for others typify school life."

Russia’s mistakes in Ukraine have destroyed its military forces

Boris Johnson had to swear on a Bible and people had a field day

The Boris Johnson committee showdown got off to a very strange start on Wednesday afternoon, after the former PM was forced to swear on a Bible that he was telling the truth. The 58-year-old is appearing in front of a committee of MPs investigating whether he lied to the House of Commons over the Partygate scandal. Johnson began the hearing by sayi...

Question Time audience member eloquently explains what Tory migrant policy is actually about

An audience member who spoke eloquently on the government's controversial new immigration proposals on Thursday’s show (March 10) has come in for praise on social media. The unnamed man in the crowd was speaking on the newly announced plans which would see asylum seekers arriving in the UK via small boats being detained and deported. It would intro...

Woman returns home to mayhem after her labradors destroy £500 sofa

She only left them alone for an hour.

The biggest historical mysteries that will probably never get resolved

No matter how much we know about the past, there are still many historical mysteries that may never get resolved. From the date of Jesus' birth to Jack the Ripper's true identity, certain things have no explanation. This could be because relevant documentation or excavated items have been lost or destroyed. Other times, the evidence has been too vague to lead to any consensus. In the end, we might very well never find the answers, which makes these historical questions even more intriguing. Want to discover the world's biggest historical mysteries? Then check out the following gallery.

'Wonderful wife and mother' drowns at beach

"Julie was a wonderful mother and wife and her devotion to her job never compromised her time with her family."

Brexit is DONE: Rishi Sunak crushes last-ditch Tory rebellion as his EU deal sails through

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has secured a historic victory after his Brexit legislation sailed through the House of Commons by 515 votes to 29, despite fears of a major rebellion being led by Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith and Liz Truss.

Homeless man stalked Croydon girl, 11, and turned up at her mum's house out of the blue to claim they were in love

Erson Sinaj has been jailed for eight months after leaving the victim and her parents terrified

Council leader quits after 110 trees felled in middle of night

A council leader has quit after ordering the felling of 110 mature trees in the middle of the night with security guards. Cllr Richard Bingley said he was stepping down as the embattled leader of the Plymouth city council and the Conservative group from Monday amid a major backlash over the "despicable" decision. Officials were described as "monste...

Johnson’s defence over partygate ‘beggars belief’, say public

Johnson’s defence over partygate ‘beggars belief’, say public - The former prime minister has said he was acting ‘in good faith’ when he told Parliament all pandemic rules had been followed.

London Underground: 2 children hurt after getting their feet stuck in escalator at same Tube station

Escalators at the station were replaced last year following a complete overhaul

What Russia-Chinese joint statement says about Ukraine

(Reuters) - Russia and China issued a joint statement on Thursday following talks between presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Here is the section of the statement that relates to the war in Ukraine. Translation by Reuters: The Russian side positively assesses the objective and unbiased position of the Chinese side on the Ukrainian question. The parties are opposed to any states and their

London ULEZ: The hilarious but terrifying way people can avoid the new £12.50 charge

It's a terrifying loophole, and you're very unlikely to see it carried out

Lloyds Bank customer left 'gut-punched' after handing over £153,000 in growing scam

Pensioners are most likely to be victims to romance fraud with the average loss being £12,000, research showed.

'Extreme' proposals call for elderly motorists to be banned from driving at age 70

Elderly drivers over the age of 70 should be banned from driving, according to one expert, who says accidents are clear evidence that they are dangerous on the roads.

When is Stephen leaving Coronation Street?

How long is Stephen sticking around?

Extraordinary discovery in Romania, perhaps the tomb of Attila was found "the scourge of God"

An extraordinarily rich tomb of a "golden warrior" was discovered during the construction of a highway in Romania. Scholars think it may be the scattered tomb of the leader of the Huns, Attila, the "scourge of God". The tomb is filled with more than 100 artifacts, including weapons, gold-covered objects, and gold jewelry inlaid with precious stones. Silviu Ene of the Bucharest Vasile Pârvan Institute of Archaeology is the chief archaeologist investigating the tomb, which was discovered late last year during the construction of a highway near the city of Mizil, in southeastern Romania, about 140 miles (220 kilometers) from the Black Sea.

Nepalese sisters subject to racist abuse outside Primark in Maidstone

A video of Asian girls being verbally abused and called "ching ching" in a town centre has gone viral.

Russian Navy repels drone attack in Sevastopol, Crimea

The Russian Navy has repelled during the early hours of Wednesday morning a surface drone attack in the city of Sevastopol on the Crimean peninsula. Three vehicles were destroyed while attempting to penetrate the city’s bay, according to a statement on the official Telegram channel of Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev. Russian authorities have stated that […]

"You can put us in jail!" Russians soldiers fed up with war filmed threatening rebellion

Vladimir Putin introduces exclusion zone around lover's forest palace

Vladimir Putin has introduced an exclusion zone around his gymnast lover Alina Kabaeva's forest palace on the edge of Lake Valdai.

Murder investigation after man found dead near exclusive private estate

Detectives confirmed that a 36-year-old man is in custody.

Boris Johnson Partygate probe LIVE: New damning evidence emerges hours before meeting

The former Prime Minister will face a four-hour grilling in front of the Privileges Committee from 2pm today.

Mum slams 'disgraceful' council after finding her son's grave flooded on Mother's Day

Rebecca Kelly was left "heartbroken" after finding her son Ben's grave flooded in a foot of water as memorials left were floating in the "mud bath" on Mother's Day.

Boy, 15, bailed after alleged serious sexual assault in Sudbury in alleyway off Cornard Road

By [email protected] (Ash Jones) A 15-year-old boy has been bailed after an alleged serious sexual assault in Sudbury. Officers were called at 1.10am on March 14 to reports of an incident in an alleyway, off Cornard Road. A teenage girl alleged she was assaulted by a boy who was known to her. A 15-year-old boy was arrested on March 1...

‘You just have to be female - someone will come after you’: What it’s really like as a woman in the Met Police

‘You just have to be female - someone will come after you’: What it’s really like as a woman in the Met Police - Exclusive: Female officer tells The Independent how she was labelled as ‘exotic’ with ‘animalistic characteristics’ because she is an ethnic minority

Russian defense minister warns of possible 'nuclear collision' - Interfax

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday there were fewer and fewer steps left before a potential "nuclear collision" between Russia and the West, Interfax news agency reported. Shoigu was responding to media reports that Britain would supply Ukraine with ammunition containing depleted uranium, a move to which he said Moscow would res...

Children hit as Putin unleashes hell on Earth in Ukraine while Zelensky visits frontline

Russia launched several devastating strikes across Ukraine on Wednesday, beginning with a fatal drone attack on the Kyiv region at 3am and culminating in an attack at lunchtime in the Zaporizhzhia region.

Passengers burst into song as drunk woman gets kicked off flight by police

Erica Jayne Carlson was due to fly to Avalon Airport in Victoria on Jetstar, but was removed by a group of five police officers after a flight attendant concluded she was not fit to fly

Leith docks incident: Paramedics rush 15 people to hospital as ship toppled onto side in Edinburgh

Emergency services have been called to a dry dock after a ship become dislodged from its holding at Imperial Dock in Leith, Edinburgh. The incident occurred around 8.35am on Wednesday.

Moment two missiles hit block of flats

President Zelenskyy described a Russian missile strike on an apartment block in Zaporizhzhia as 'bestial savagery'.