troops are using highly specialised thermal gear to target soldiers in battle, new footage has shown. A video posted by on social media shows a soldier crouched between bushes and firing on targets acquired using the military technology. Viewers have identified the "highly capable" specialised scopes used in the assault.

In the video posted by Ukrainian civil blog @small10space on Twitter, a sniper zooms in and out on troops far in the foreground.

The camera picks up five soldiers by their heat signatures, and they appear as grey silhouettes with yellow and orange blotches.

After zooming in close, the person manning the scope pans out and fires seven shots.

The thermal camera picks up each shot as an orange flash of light but doesn't confirm whether any of the soldiers - who are bunched closely together - are hit.

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Viewers have identified the technology used as "highly capable".

Sharing the footage, Twitter user @Tendar said the scopes came from optics firm Pulsar.

They wrote that the footage shows the product is the Thermion 2, which they dubbed "one of the best".

Each model, the user added, costs more than $4,000 (£3,271) but is "worth every cent".

Pulsar states the product "ensures perfect detail recognition even in the harshest weather conditions" using "low thermal contrast".

The firm adds that the scope can detect the "smallest temperature differences" in rainfall, fog or cold mornings.

Those using the scopes can zoom up to 1,800 metres "even in complete darkness", as the footage demonstrates.

According to the firm, Pulsar exports to "almost all countries and continents".

While it is not clear from where the sniper received their specialised scope, Ukraine is constantly receiving new deliveries from allied nations.

Slovakia became the latest country to step up aid after it exported four MiG-29 fighter jets last week.

Slovak Defence Minister Jaro Nad said the move meant his country has written itself "in capital letters in modern world history".

Poland has said it will follow suit and deliver its surplus of MiG-29s, with transfers expected "shortly".

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