A man has been convicted of murdering a dad at a birthday party in an Ealing pub. Wayne Phillips, from West Hampstead, was stabbed in the heart shortly before midnight at the Star and Scorpion pub on Uxbridge Road on Saturday, July 23.

The 58-year-old, a former Hammersmith and West London College student who was known fondly by many as 'Shacks', is survived by a wife and children. The tragic incident left an entire community deeply shocked and saddened.

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Timothy Simon, 59, of Englefield Road, Dalston, was found guilty on Friday, March 24, at Isleworth Crown Court of murdering Wayne. Simon was remanded to appear at the same court on April 5 for sentencing.

On the night of the murder, Wayne and two female friends had arrived at a pub for the party. They brought presents from the boot of their car and entered the pub, greeting people at the entrance. Within minutes, Wayne was approached by Simon and the men fought briefly before Wayne collapsed having been stabbed in the chest.

Simon fled the scene. But he was arrested on suspicion of murder the following day. He was charged that same day with murder.

The pair knew each other, but they did not get on, as Simon was the ex-boyfriend of Wayne's partner, which Simon 'could not accept', said police.

DCI Rawlinson said: “This was a senseless murder that was committed for no other reason than insecurity. Timothy Simon’s actions have left Wayne Phillips’s loved ones devastated and even now, almost a year on, they continue to struggle to come to terms with their loss. Our thoughts are with them today.”

DCI Rawlinson added: “The entire encounter was captured on CCTV and although Simon maintained at trial that the folding knife was not his, he could be seen initially making a stabbing movement with his right hand, before extending the blade and using it to stab Mr Phillips.

“I am pleased that the right verdict was reached and that Wayne Phillips' loved ones may find a small measure of comfort in knowing that the man who took Wayne from them has been held to account."

Uploading a video to YouTube, one friend, known as Yammy B, paid a heartbreaking tribute to Wayne, saying: "He was my bestie and my beloved big brother, rest in peace Wayne Phillips aka 'Shacks'. Fair to say he was probably my first ever school friend down there in my home area of West London.

"It's a tragic sad loss for all of us that knew him. Never a bad word seemed to be said for his entire life. How's that for somebody's life? I pay my respects to my beloved second family from my school days.

"He leaves behind a beloved son. What a pleasure it must have been to have Wayne as a father, if you get what I mean - as well as brother and son. He was so respectful and true, he never really bothered anybody. He never really spoke bad about anyone either. I wish I would have had those characteristics."

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