The nation’s papers are led by the Prime Minister vowing to crack down on crime.

The Sunday Express and Mail on Sunday report Rishi Sunak is set to reveal new proposals to crack down on low-level crimes blighting communities, with offenders to be put to work in jumpsuits or hi-viz jackets to clean up their crimes within 48 hours of being handed punishments.

Meanwhile, The Sunday Telegraph says the Home Secretary could ban the European Court of Human Rights from grounding migrant deportation flights.

The Independent leads with an Afghan war veteran being among those who have been threatened with deportation to Rwanda.

A former Met officer who guarded royalty fears more killers like Wayne Couzens are lurking in the force, according to The Sunday People.

The Sunday Mirror reports the impact of online trolls could mean Strictly’s Shirley Ballas never returns to the programme.

And the Daily Star Sunday leads with a quirky alien story.

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