Vladimir Putin wanted a "total cleansing" of Ukraine with "house-to-house terror" designed to quell the invaded nation's people, leaked documents show. Emails from Russia's FSB, which is the modern KGB, mention orders "from the very top" demanding Ukrainian civilians be forced into concentration camps.

A source within the FSB leaked the emails to Vladimir Osechkin, founder of anti-Russian torture network Gulagu, which reveals the genocidal plan Putin had for Ukraine had they not so stiffly resisted his invasion.

According to The Sun, the FSB source says the intelligence agency was going to be assisted by the Russian military during the "total cleansing" of Ukraine's social fabric.

"And after all this, we could install any government in Kyiv," said the source.

It comes after the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a warrant for the Russian president, accusing him of bearing personal responsibility for the abduction of children from Ukraine.

Speaking during a conference at Lancaster House in central London, where justice ministers from around the world were gathered, Karim Khan KC demanded Russia "return" children to Ukraine as alleged war crimes were detailed.

Concluding the meeting, Mr Zelensky, appearing in a pre-recorded message, urged delegates to back a tribunal to look into Russian "aggression".

He went on: "This will significantly stress international justice."

Asked at a press conference about the prospect of a tribunal, Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab said: "We'll keep working together to consider it.

"I think right now the priority of this conference has been to try and give the ICC adequate support.

"Discussions are still in a relatively preliminary stage, we understand the importance of it to the people of Ukraine and President Zelensky.

"We want to try and support them as best we can."

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