Dogs can get themselves into all kinds of mischievous situations.

And while we get angry and frustrated at the time, we can’t stay mad at them for too long.

However, one woman has more reason to be annoyed than most after her two labradors decided to destroy her £500 sofa.

Julie Saunders, 38 from Huddersfield, had left her home for an hour to attend a family meal last Tuesday (14 March).

In that short window of time, her dogs Rocco and Poppy decided to wreck havoc.

‘When I walked in I just thought “oh my god,”‘she said.

‘There were duck feathers everywhere. Poppy came to the door with a toy in her mouth but Rocco was just lying on the sofa and didn’t move.’

The sofa had been destroyed.

Usually, a navy cover stays on the couch, but prior to leaving the home, Julie decided to wash it.

She thinks that one of the dogs then nipped at the sofa while playing with a tennis ball.

However, she doesn’t believe the dogs meant any harm and just decided to have fun with the feathers.

‘It was so funny,’ she admitted.

‘We took pictures of it straight away but we couldn’t shout at them because they’re too cute to be angry at.

‘We just had to laugh.’

Yet, a lesson has been learned in the process.

‘We leave them in the office room quite a lot and they’re in here during the day while I’m working, but we’ll have to leave them in the kitchen when we go out now,’ she said.

Julie shared snaps of the disastrous scene online, writing: ‘I only nipped out for an hour! Who’s the culprit?’

Her post quickly received numerous comments from amused viewers.

‘Best pics I’ve seen of labrador destruction for ages. Sorry for laughing!’ joked one viewer.

Thankfully, Julie is confident she can fix the £500 sofa.

She is planning to stuff as many feathers as she can back inside before sewing up the cushion away from her dogs.

Then, straight to the kitchen Poppy and Rocca will go.

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