Richard Blair Helps Investors Make Better Decisions

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions helps investors find a balance when it comes to their portfolios. He knows that there are possibilities where the return on investment can be maximized, but it takes some time to figure out which strategy is going to be best. Everyone that is trying to invest may not always have the goal of retirement in mind.


There are some people that are rich that are simply trying to preserve the wealth they already have stored up. Sometimes this comes from an inheritance. At other times this is something that is connected to a wealth of money that was received through a settlement or a payout. People that are trying to invest and make better returns on the money that they already have stored up are in a unique situation.


They are already wealthy to a certain point, but they want to know how to continue on a track where they can maximize their return. They want to be in a situation where the money that they have stored away is not running out. That is where it becomes important for investors like this to connect with someone like Richard Blair. He has the ability to give these investors better discernment on what they could be done differently to change their outcome. Wealth management is something that Richard Blair has become certified in. He has been looking into the portfolios of many clients down through the years, and he has built a career where he is able to bring forth a new type of strategic plan.


Investors that are trying to go in for the long haul will appreciate what Richard Blair can do for them. He has become a master in building portfolios, and his clients are much more informed about the options that are available once they consult with him. Every investor is not going to have the desire to get into risky investing. Some investors are going to want to go moderate in areas that they are not familiar with. Others are we going to consider how much they can gain and take the risk if they are young enough to do so. Richard Blair is the person that is in the middle that can help anyone that is trying to make these types of decisions. He has different plans in mind for the preconscious investor and alternate investment plans for risky investor.



End Citizens United is more active than ever in 2017

End Citizens United (ECU), which is a Political Action Committee (also commonly called PAC), received a lot of attention in the spotlights of this year. The organization is devoted to combating the constitution law called “Citizens United,” held on 2010, which dealt with the way organizations were able to spend money in supporting campaigns during elections. They consider the effects of the Citizens United disastrous and have raised $4 million on the first three of 2017. Currently, with more than 3 million members and 270,000 donors, this PAC promises to have a lot of impact for the elections to come, gaining new donors each week.


The big numbers are still about to come: Besides the $4 million raised, they are expecting it to reach $35 million by 2018 midterm election. It is significantly more to the amount raised by the Committee in the election of 2016. The contribution that End Citizens United was able to gather was superior to 100,000 supporters, and there are much more to come for the rest of the year. The United States is very divided about the election of Trump, and more unsatisfied citizens are supporting them every day.


The PAC was able to achieve a lot just in the beginning of the year. More than $650,000 was raised for the campaign of the Democrat Jon Ossoff. They were also able to convince a couple of Republican senators to refuse to vote for the recently announced Education Secretary in Trump’s government, Betsy DeVos, because of the unethical donations her family had done to convince the senators to vote for her. These high achievements are possible because of their donors that have made ECU one of the most relevant electoral groups in American history.


The campaign to support Jon Ossoff was initiated because of how he “isn’t afraid to stand up to those in power and fight back against the rigged system in Washington,” according to Tiffany Muller, Executive Director of the PAC. Not only was the Committee able to raise tons of funding to the campaign, but they already released to the public the first ad to run for the Democrat in the election date of April 18th. The campaign is strengthened by the immense number of devotees that are backing up the fight against the current finance system that was allowed through Citizens United.


The ad that will endorse Ossoff’s campaign aims to cover his record as a reformer and his desire into changing the political system as well. He seeks to raise attention to the problem of raising money to politics as well as raise awareness of how this system has rigged previous elections. Democrats are the leading force against Citizens United, and more changes are going to be made during the rest of the year.

U.S. Money Reserve Revamps its Website to Boost Online Customers and Explore the Latest Coin Catalogue

U.S. Money Reserve announced the freshly improved website U.S. Money Reserve. The new company website reflects their established status in the government’s legal tender industry. The new look emphasizes on the company’s values of trust and dedication to better-quality customer service experience. The online design features inspiring photography of the U.S. Money Reserve former U.S. Mint Director, Principal, Philip N. Diehl, and a fresh assorted coin photo gallery. The site seeks to educate consumers on the advantages of buying government-issued gold coins and improve the experience of purchasing legal tender.


“We now have a live interactive tool that allows us to create superior content across the board, further network with our clients, and, offer the best coin products from our secure online web page,” says the Creative Brand VP Ryan Buchanan. Ryan managed the entire revamp, including the completion of some innovative applications geared towards enlightening consumers and purchasing bullions much easier.


The interactive online page provides live pricing on silver and gold bars and bullions. U.S. Money Reserve also offers PCGS licensed coins and select products for discerning customers. Clients can go to the website and sign an application form to receive free information on gold kits. Customers may also browse the knowledge center for the coins updates and additional information regarding coin grading, imprints, and currency purchasing. The Headline Gold News provides new updates on the gold coin market.


With the revamped Client website, U.S. Money Reserve will now quickly provide fast, reliable customer services including personalized consultations, sales assistance, special offline releases, and secure transactions. The company also offers a superb Buyback Guarantee policy that assures its customers a full refund on returned certified coins at current market value in 30 days.


About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve headquartered in Austin, Texas is the largest distributor of the U.S. government-issued legal tender silver, gold, and platinum products. Established in 2001, US Money Reserve has developed into the leading distributor of private and government legal tender products. Many clients across America depend on U.S. Money Reserve to expand their assets with valuable coins.


U.S. Money Reserve’s independent, trained professionals include numismatic and coin research experts. They are prepared with market data to find products that generate high returns for their clients at every level. U.S. Money Reserve is known to give exceptional customer service experience with the goal of creating lasting relations with each of their clients.


The Tech World of Arthur Becker

The big developments in the city have been supported by Arthur Becker and none so far has been the wiser. Lately, however, he has decided to put his own name on a certain condominium project that is in the offing. The tech module plans to put up an eight- unit structure whose sellout will be $52.5 million. The 465 Washington building will be a boutique building whose interior will be Paris Forino designed. This is according to an interview he had with The Real Deal.

Arthur Becker, who started off as a home-builder and later operated a macadamia orchard before moving into finance and the tech world, says the building will have seven apartments and a pent house. The prices will be between $2,200 per square foot and $3,200 per square foot. The units will go between $5 million and $14 million.

465 Washington was acquired by Becker from Peter Moore in 2012 at $6.1 million. In order to expand the five story to 10 stories, Becker had to buy development rights from owners of the next building. Research firm Real Capital Analytics confirms that Becker has invested $550 million in projects all over New York. The capital he has deployed is still not known.

Arthur’s highest bet is currently on JDS Development Group coupled with Row Condo Super tower. Although there appears to be a slow down as far as luxury products goes, Becker is positive that 465 Washington will go.

PMG and Madison Equities

Becker was PMG and Madison Equities financial backer in their condominium development in 10 Sullivan Street. He assumed ownership of some three houses in the same street as a trade for his stake in that project. He is also part of the team of investors who acquired and later disposed of property to the tune of $70 million.

About Arthur

Arthur is a managing partner in a real estate investment firm: Madison Partners LLC, ThisHe is the chairman and chief executive officer of Zinio. Before Zinio, Becker had worked as NaviSite’s CEO, more details can be found on LinkedIn.

NaviSite, a company quoted in NASDAQ, provided application management assistance to customers based in US and the United Kingdom. Arthur has an MBA from Dartmouth’s Turk School of Business. Reference sourced:


Stem Cell Therapy – Effective Treatment For Lung Disorders

Joseph O. was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, At some point, the condition became a daily struggle for him. He was on oxygen every day round the clock, and he experienced difficulties walking up several flights of stairs. Joseph could not hold conversations while standing up. He had reached a point where he needed to be seated when brushing his teeth. At that point, he knew that he needed to find a better option, and that is when he decided to walk into the Lung Institute in March 2015 and check out his chances of recovering through stem cell therapy. Surprisingly, the treatment option worked for Joseph. He got back his original quality life.

Before the stem cell therapy, his oxygen levels were in the 80s. After a successful treatment, they rose to between 98 and 99, and by September 1, 2016 (six months since he was treated), he had not been in a situation where he had to be on oxygen like before. A CT scan at Lung Institute had revealed that the inflammation in his lungs was no longer present. Even his pulmonologist was surprised by the progress he had made in his recovery. This is mainly because the pulmonologist had termed the condition as terminal and as such, he did not have much hope.

The case of disbelief of Joseph’s doctor is common, seeing that many doctors have not placed their full trust on stem cell therapy because the discovery is just recent. However, with testimonies such as Joseph’s, more and more doctor will find it easy to embrace this treatment option, and even use it on their patients.

Located at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, The Lung Institute began its operations in July 2014 with Dr. David Sugarbaker serving as the director. Doctor Sugarbaker is an internationally recognized leader in the pleural mesothelioma care. Besides overseeing the operations of the entire institute, he is specifically responsible for directing the mesothelioma clinical and research programs in the same institute.

According to Supplement Police, the Lung Institute offers diagnostic and treatment services to individuals suffering from malignant and benign neoplasm and other lungs’ disorders, mediastinum, chest wall, as well as esophagus. The hospital has a multidisciplinary team who provide medical evaluations. It is made up of specialists from medical oncology, surgery, pulmonary medicine, radiology, and radiation oncology.

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Know what patients has to say:

Fundamentals Concerning Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is a famous real estate mogul. He holds an influential position in a prolific New Jersey-based company, Boraie Development.  The firm mainly handles issues relating to property construction. The company stands out among several others because of their ability to invest in highly skilled architects and visionary contractors who guarantee completion of projects within the scheduled timeline. Talking of real estate marketing and sales, look no further, as Sam has ensured exclusive services. Quality service is defined in this enterprise where reliability and dedication are the principles under which the company provides relevance.

Essentials That Keep Sam Active in His Endeavors

In a report by PR NewsWire, Sam is devoted to delivering cutting-edge services in everything he sets his hands on. He has been of great influence in their Boraie Development Company, which is a family affair. Due to the efforts, he has become exposed to many other companies. Most of them allow him to sit on the board of directors where his contributions go a long way. The State Theatre of New Jersey is one of those foundations that enjoy having Sam on their board, alongside other locally-based entrepreneurs.

Major Charitable Activities Performed by Sam

The State Theatre of New Jersey heavily relies on donations, and Sam greatly bankrolls the foundation. It is either Sam or the family business or even the family that is always supporting it. Mainly the organization endeavors in the cultural phenomenon that focuses on local production. Additionally, he also plays a central role at Elijah’s Promise, which is aimed at eradicating poverty around the New Jersey State. Some of the structures by the company are laid so as to ensure various things. Some of them include the provision of healthy consumables, development of enterprises that will promote societal benefits, impacting individuals to acquire and get sustained in employment as well as other activities that will foster growth and development in their communities.

Current Unique Projects Going on Under Sam’s Care

Sam is an innovative mind and is always working out unique things. Currently, there are several projects he is running, and all of them are very impressive. Clearly, these are property developments expected to change the entire face of the New Jersey State once they are completed, that can be found on Bloomberg. Aspire is the most appealing rental project being undertaken in the New Brunswick. The property is strategically placed to target the rapidly growing population in the city. The rentals are near facilities that attract people for leisure activities and also excellent infrastructure.


It is over twenty years since Boraie joined the real estate market, and started his development plans in the Brunswick. He has grown his ability to sell his projects and stand out among his several other competitors. Again being experienced, he has cultivated quality time in expanding his connections. Such enable him to get referrals consistently. The strategies have also made him reliable because of winning the trust of most people. Considering that Mr. Boraie is a supreme humanitarian, he portrays superior attributes in helping out, which put him in the limelight all the more.

Vijay Eswaran’s Work And Following Of Gandhi’s Principles

There are many well-known figures who became inspired by Mahatma Gandhi well after he passed away, including civil rights leader and 1950s activist Martin Luther King Jr., but it continues today in the life of Asian businessman, Vijay Eswaran.

Eswaran is the co-founder of QI Group and its subsidiaries, and has been a speaker at various world business forums. To him, Gandhi spoke of the importance of listening and seeing things around him, instead of simply talking and acting quickly.

Eswaran certainly believes in peace with his fellow man but also inner peace through spirituality. Eswaran is from Malaysia, but has had ties to the business community of India and he has encouraged the community there to open its doors to outside business and work more closely with internationals.

Eswaran has seen a lot of business developments over his career. He’s the son of a former Malaysian Ministry of Labor worker and a school teacher. He was granted the opportunity to attend the London School of Economics in 1984, the same school where famous billionaire George Soros also attended. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Eswaran also got his MBA from Southern Illinois University and began his career working with Synaptics, an IT company. He developed an interest in multilevel marketing, a system by which companies can sell products to consumers who can then resell them to their own customers. He started out at the Cosway Group when he returned to Malaysia and then co-founded his own company, QI Group Ltd. in 1998.

QI Group is the parent company to several direct selling and finance companies. Most of its sales are conducted through QNet, a company that sells jewelry, water purification systems, household tools, and other health products. Read more: In the Sphere of Silence (English and Dutch Edition

QI Asset Management is a subsidiary that finances various small businesses and also has vacation resorts in its real estate holdings. QStride is a marketing research firm that helps businesses using various analytics and data gathering.

Eswaran has helped many aspiring entrepreneurs start making their own income through his companies, but he’s also given back to Asian communities through RHYTHM Foundation.

This non-profit group supports programs for young children with disabilities and funding community resources such as libraries and schools. Eswaran has been listed to Forbes Asia’s 2011 Heroes of Philanthropy and is the author of In The Sphere of Silence.

Expert Party-Planning Tips

Whether you’re throwing a dinner party for eight or a backyard bash for your entire neighborhood, throwing a party takes a lot of work. With so many party and corporate event planners NYC has to offer, it’s tempting to hire a professional to take the stress out of throwing a party.


One of the most popular event planning companies in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. Acting as a full-service planning company, they deal with parties of all sizes and provide every service imaginable like customized baked goods and bar services.


However, not everyone can afford to choose from one of the many event planners NYC has to offer. That’s why we tracked down some of the most successful professional party planners out there in order to hear what they have to say about throwing a memorable and stress-free party.



  1. Don’t Go Overboard with Food


Yummy food is crucial to the success of any party but it’s important not to overdo it. By adding too many complicated dishes to your workload, you’re likely to burn out before the guests even begin to arrive.


When it comes to creating the perfect menu, come up with some appetizers that can be prepared a day or two in advance. That way, you’ll have the entire day of the party to clean and get everything else prepared.



  1. Create a Signature Cocktail


The newest trend when it comes to elegant parties is the signature cocktail. Have fun experimenting with different flavors and garnishes to come up with something that will dazzle your guests and help them let loose.



  1. Create a Bar Station


Let guests make their own drinks by creating a designated self-serve bar area. In addition to drinks, make sure the bar is stocked with garnishes, glasses and plenty of ice.



  1. Relax


It’s wise to take a few hours before the party starts to completely unwind. Throwing a party is hard work and if you don’t give yourself time to relax, you’re likely to be exhausted by the time your guests start to show up.


Why David Giertz thinks you need to talk to clients about Social Security

There are many people that have reached their retirement age but are being forced to work and some even beg and become homeless as a result of not planning properly for their retirement. One of the greatest investors of the current times, David Giertz feels that solving this type of problem will be done the moment that people that work in the banking, financial and investment sectors start telling their clients the truth about social security.

For instance, the people who are in the middle and lower brackets of earning are the ones that benefit the most from social security at It is unfortunate that these are the same people who treat the issue with the highest level of ignorance. The other thing that they do not seem to understand is the fact that one can be entitled to not one but up to three types of benefits at a go. Claiming these benefits is another challenge for the retirees and the veterans. The moment on that some of them hear the mention of lawyers and making claims, they somehow shut down or decide that the benefits aren’t worth the trouble.

The other issue that comes in is the fact that these people do not understand exactly how much they are owed as compensation on Twitter. The social security does consider factors such as inflation before they make the final calculations on the person’s final earnings in social security. People that worked in the nineties may have their then salary multiplied by two before the benefits are calculated in order to factor in inflation.

Lastly, for the people that are still in the workforce, David Giertz says that they need to stop cutting corners when paying taxes because the less you pay, the less you will get when you get to retirement. In short, David Giertz believes that knowing the things to do and avoid will help clients avoid sad and poor sunset years.

Karl Heideck: Experienced Philadelphia Litigation Attorney

Karl Heideck: Experienced Philadelphia Litigation Attorney
Karl Heideck: Experienced Philadelphia Litigation Attorney

Karl Heideck is an experienced litigation attorney. Heideck practices law in Pennsylvania. As a litigator, Heideck represents individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Heideck earned his law degree from the Temple University School of Law. Before attending school at Temple, Heideck obtained a bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College. At Swarthmore College, Heideck studied English Language and literature. His concentration was on letters.

Heideck does not limit his practice exclusively to litigation. Heideck also represents clients in products liability, employment law, and commercial law cases. Heideck is also involved in assisting his clients with regulatory compliance as well as risk management.

Karl Heideck has been practicing law for a decade. He also has a strong background in legal research and writing.

As a general rule, a litigation attorney begins preparing for this type of specific career while still in law school. A person who wants to be a litigation attorney will take an array of specific courses that include evidence, civil procedure, and courtroom practice.

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While in law school, a person who wants to be a litigator is also likely to participate in a moot court program. In addition, a students is apt to participate in a law school’s clinic.

A law school clinic gives a student the chance to represent actual clients. A student is supervised by a licensed lawyer, usually a member of the law school’s faculty. The clinic provides a student courtroom experience in many cases.

Once out of law school, a person who wants to be a litigator may elect to work for a local, state, or federal prosecuting attorney. Taking this course gives a person who want7s to be a litigator an opportunity to garner a good amount of court room experience.

Litigators work in a number of settings. These include corporations, organizations, governmental agencies, and law firms of different types.