Michael Hagele, a stand-up attorney and entrepreneur with a focus on creativity and customer service

Michael Hagele is known for his outside general legal counsel for technology companies in Silicon Valley with a focus on internet, defense, and biotechnology industries. He is also currently investing in a number of technology startups. He is also founding and investing in firms in the hospitality and food industries. As his current work suggests, he has a wide range of experience in legal fields such as negotiation, drafting and closing technology, licensing distribution and development agreements in both the software and hardware fields. His career started at Fenwick & West LLP in the Licensing and Online Commerce Group. As for his education, he received his Juris Doctor, or law degree, from the University of California, and completed his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Iowa. Learn more about Michael at Crunchbase.

Michael Hagele isn’t just known for his numerous investments and expert counsel though, he has a unique approach to keeping himself productive but relaxed. He always starts his days by handling the daily matters of his technology clients, which typically entails him drafting and reviewing licensing agreements. Next, which is where his unique approach to work and his industry in general comes in, is a relaxing break for a bike ride in the mountains or on the streets. According to him this is where he finds himself at his most creative points, and during his bike rides he says that he typically finds a new approach for his clients that he had not thought of before. He also has a incredible focus on customer service for his clients, saying that he always prefers to put his customers first over profits. He says that this focus is important for any attorney, as a clients’ typically have lives and businesses that are being trusted to him, which he says is a lot of pressure, but also where he finds his purpose in the work. Lastly, he says that tenacity is key, and his best work has came from him putting his all into his work and incorporating opportunities as they come available.

Michael Hagele has a unique approach that is certainly new and refreshing in corporate and legal culture, and hopefully other companies and individuals will follow his stellar example as he makes waves in Silicon Valley. View: https://ideamensch.com/michael-hagele/


Ian King Praises Robinhood For Their New Venture

Ian King a well known expert on cryptocurrencies, says that the arrival of Robin Hood’s new features may mean that prices will go down for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions. Robinhood has just introduced the ability to trade Bitcoin and other currencies on their mobile platform, but in the past, all that people were able to trade on Robinhood was stocks. Ian King says that this is a good sign for the cryptocurrency industry.

Robinhood is a mobile app that is designed to help poor people trade and invest in stocks. The interesting part about Robinhood is that they do not charge any commissions to use their platform. You can get started with just a small amount of money, and you do not have to worry about any extra fees. Visit cryptoprofitsummit.com to know more about Ian King.

Remember that extra fees can really eat into your bottom line if you are investing and trading stocks. Let us say that a company charges a two percent commission on any of the trades that you make. At the first glance, this may not sound like a lot of money. On the other hand, when you think about it, it does amount to a lot of money. If you make a trade with a hundred dollars, you will have to pay twenty dollars. If you then sell the stocks that you bought, you will have to pay around another twenty dollars so that you can sell. In the end, your fees will have added up to around forty dollars. This is almost half of your entire investment. That is a lot. If you make another buy and another sell, you will end up paying around eighty dollars in commissions, just on the one hundred dollars that you put in.

That is why Robinhood is such a great option for millennials. Unlike other apps like Coinbase, they are not charging large fees for all of the trades that you make with their platform. At the end of the day, Coinbase and other apps will be forced to play along and stop charging large commissions, says Ian King. This can only mean good things for the cryptocurrency industry in general, says Ian King Banyan. It will widen the market and give more people opportunities to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It will probably set in motion a domino effect to change the cryptocurrency industry.

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Ted Bauman is an economist giving insights about investments with a potential for profit.

Ted Bauman is an economist giving insights about investments with a potential for profit.

Banyan Hill Publishing is on the forefront in providing clients with investment insights, and the site has over 400,000 readers. Banyan Hill publishing is focused on helping investors to take identify and point out opportunities for investment that may gain a lot of profits. The site has a team of dedicated experts with the knowledge about stocks, the financial markets, trends in the economy and years of experience hence help investors make informed decisions about where they are putting in their money. Initially, during its founding, Banyan Hill was Known as The Sovereign Society focusing mainly on areas such as the diversification of the use of the US dollar, building and running an offshore account and also strategies concerning global investment. In 2016 when the site was rebranded, it also focused on providing insights for entrepreneurship, protecting assets and also investing. Visit Ted Bauman at thesovereigninvestor.com to know more.

Banyan Hill Publishing has its name originating from the banyan tree which is the largest regarding the size of its canopy. The metaphor behind the name is that as the tree grows, it gains its support from the aerial roots that grow downwards to form additional trunks. The tree can overcome natural disasters such as hurricanes due to the additional trunks. Likewise, many investors have turned to Banyan Hills Publishing for insights to be able to survive the looming economic storm. Ted Bauman is among the team of experts of the Banyan Hill Publishing and has vast knowledge about the economy and economic trends. Ted Bauman trained in the United States as an economist and later moved to South Africa in 1980s. While in South Africa, Ted took part in enforcing the post-apartheid urban and economic strategies. Also, Ted Bauman has worked with entities such as the United Nations and governments in Africa and Europe giving his insight as a consultant. Ted has travelled a lot especially in regions such as Asia and Africa, and he has come to appreciate the impact of the interaction between political and economic dynamics in different communities around the world. Also, Ted has published his works in globally recognized journals such as The Journal of Microfinance. Ted has a unique skill set of viewing the terrain of investment on a much more extensive platform because of his background as an economist. Ted has been able to offer readers advice concerning market trends that have a potential to yield profits.

Learn more: http://www.gold-eagle.com/authors/ted-bauman

Young People Need to Learn Financial Responsibility Early

You typically only know a few basics of personal finance after relying on your parents to handle financial matters for so long. Graduating from college leads to in charge of your own financial decisions even if you aren’t prepared for them. There are some challenges that have to be overcome to manage financial responsibilities.


Become Financially Literate


Schools don’t teach literacy about financial matters. This leaves it up to young people to educate themselves about living within their means, paying bills, making a budget and saving money. The basics can be found by using a print or online resource for things such as taking care of retirement planning, student loans and debit management.


Student Loans


The biggest challenge young people today seem to face is student loans as they try to obtain advanced degrees. The pressure to get a quality education before entering into competition for a limited number of jobs is causing young people to take out loans for the financing of educations that will not pay for themselves even with an amazing job after graduating. Winter Park, Fl attorney Shane Fischer says he would have gone to a public school instead of an expensive private school if he had known what he knows now when he was young.


The average debt for grad school is approximately thirty one thousand dollars and over half of graduate students finance their education through loans. Nearly ninety percent of law students borrow money for their education and incur eighty thousand in debt on average. The average debt for the eight seven percent that borrow for professional degrees is over eight seven thousand dollars with undergraduate debt adding approximately ten thousand dollars to the loan debt.


Investing and Taking Risks


Young people have watched the investment returns of their parents’ vanish while unable to find work over the past few years. This had made many of them afraid to invest. They have to learn how to overcome the pressures of society and stand on their own feet financially.


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Chris Linkas Finds and Shares the Financial Problems Millennials May Begin to Face


Graham Edwards Leads The Restructuring of Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium chief executive officer Graham Edwards has been appointed executive chairman of the firm, which is one of the United Kingdom’s largest property companies.


Graham Edwards, who has held the CEO position at the company since its launch in 2001, is a former student of economics at Cambridge University.


Before joining Telereal Trillium, Edwards was Talisman Global Asset Management’s chief investment officer. He also held positions with Merrill Lynch Investment Management as well as with the British Telecom Group (BT) property department.


He is also a philanthropist and a board member of One Voice Europe and British Friends of the Hebrew University and more.


Russell Gurnhill, the company’s former joint managing director, corporate finance director and group treasurer, will take on the position of chief executive. Before joining the company in 2002, Gurnhill worked for Enterprise Oil in treasury and finance.


Both Edwards and Gurnhill are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Gurnhill is also a member of the Association of Chartered Treasurers while Edwards is a member of the UK Society of Investment Professionals.


In addition, as part of the restructuring, Adam Dakin will undertake the task of new business as managing director while as group property director Graeme Hunter will be responsible for the active management of the former BT estate as well as managing the company’s own properties.


In his position as group finance director, Michael Hackenbroch will continue to be accountable for the company’s financial matters.


All members of the executive team will report directly to Graham Edwards who will carry on with the company’s overall approach and management.


According to Edwards, the reorganization has been planned for some time to make it easier for Telereal Trillium to play a vital role in the areas of planned land and housing expansion and tackle the changing needs and concerns of its partners.


BT, Royal Mail, Aviva and DVLA are among some of Telereal Trillium’s property partnerships. The company’s portfolio contains more than 8,000 properties.

Globe Trotting Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman Learns Life Lessons from Traveling, Explains how.

A desire for many people is to be able to travel while working. Along with working a job that fulfills a personal passion, most people have a desire to travel while working. Due to certain restrictions in the job such as machinery, and a need to service the local community, traveling for work jobs are out of access for many.

If you have the option, working a job that allows you to work and travel for the job is ideal. We suggest you learn very good tips from someone experienced in working abroad. A veteran when it comes to working abroad, Financial entrepreneur Glen Wakeman has very good tips for those seeking the jet-set life while earning a living.


Glen Wakeman, who is currently the founder and president of Nova Four, previously spent over 20 years with GE Capital, mostly in management roles. His current company, Nova Four, specializes in accelerating business operations through services such as strategic advice and the acquisition of capital and resources. These jobs have sent him to live in six countries while operating in over 30. Through his travels, he has learned there are many ways one can reach success. Learning of all the different ways people seek to enrich their lives gives one perspective on how to improve their own.


In addition to teaching a person about life and how to experience it better, traveling also teaches you several different ways to improve upon your health. For instance, when a person travels for vacation it relieves stress, enhances creativity and improves social skills. These effects can last for a while after the vacationer has returned. In addition, traveling also helps the traveler to learn languages, gain a tolerance for uncertainty, while gaining experience in dealing with all kinds of situations that one may not have been able to experience at home.


Glen Wakeman suggests that if one is working abroad, they should immerse themselves in the culture and learn from the people as best they can. This way, you may learn that what you thought was a problem is actually just a cultural difference expressing itself.

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Top Collectors, IC System Continues to Command Industry Eighty Years Later.

The business of collections is populated with many players and firms which offer varying services have cropped up. The business is mostly built on trust and commitment to customer needs and no other company can outmatch IC System which has been in the business for more than eighty years now. The company is an account receivable firm and offers premium services to their clients, making the company the first among equals in the industry.


Operational philosophy


For all the years that the company has been in the business, it has been the leader in terms of technology and innovation. This has gone a long way to improve quality and time of service cementing its command as the best accounts receivable firm internationally. The company has a tradition of embracing changes and it is no wonder that in 1968 IC System was the earliest collection agency to embrace computers effectively replacing typewriters.


The business of collection can be risky at times and customers need the assurance that their money or assets will be safe. It is for this reason that IC System utilizes modern technology to ensure that customers have no shred of doubt regarding the safety of their property. This is in line with their customer satisfaction philosophy which they have not diverted from ever since the company was established.




IC System was founded back in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson. The company primary location is in Minnesota and since its establishment; the company has adhered to quality customer service. The guiding principles of the company are grounded in integrity, performance and putting their customers first. Over the course of its existence, these values have been passed down in Erickson family members for three generations without dilution or diversion.




IC System is not only about business. The company embraces social responsibility and helps neighboring communities and the larger global community by funding and participating in charity courses. This is a practice that all the employees of IC System are encouraged to adopt and congregate to organize in-house volunteering projects. The company and its employees have been involved in a string of benevolent initiatives like The American Red Cross, The Special Olympics, and Toys for Tots.


More about IC System


The company is licensed to operate in all states of the US. This enables them to collect debt in all the fifty states including Guam and Puerto Rico. The company remains committed to realizing their long-term sustainability objectives to ensure they maintain their legacy in the industry.

The contributions of Jeff Aronin in Pharmaceuticals

Health is a significant factor in improving people’s lives. The number of illnesses without adequate treatments are becoming the most significant challenges facing medical professionals today. This is the reason behind Jeff Aronin establishing Paragon Bioscience. For more than two decades, Jeff has been at the top of the game in biotech and health. As the CEO and Chairman of Paragon Bioscience, Jeff Aronin has applied his entrepreneurial energy and expertise in the industry to build an incubator and a leading investor of biotech companies. His passion for helping patients is what drove him for science. Having seen how magical the pharmaceuticals were doing, Jeff Aronin founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. in the year 2000. The success of his company was deeply rooted in his ability to understand the need of a patient, recognizing promising science, and focusing his team on getting the medicine approved.


Jeff Aronin has been on the front line addressing the unfulfilled needs of those suffering from the rare diseases. His scientific visionary and entrepreneurial work are some of the things that have largely contributed to a dozen of technologies and new medicines being developed and approved. Jeff has been privileged to serve as a chairman in some life science companies that include, Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, Harmony Biosciences, and Paragon Pharmaceuticals. His level of success can be matched to a limited number of those operating in the same industry. Jeff Aronin is very kind to share his perspective with those seeking growth in healthcare.


At paragon Bioscience, the cause of a given condition or disease is first identified to get a better outcome. The next thing that the team does is to determine the science with the best treatment. Development and research of medicine are one of the risky businesses in existence as it can lead to loss of lives. Many of the procedures might seem promising during the trial phase of the research only to end up failing. Despite this, Jeff Aronin and his team remain focused on developing medicines and illnesses that need treatment most. By clinging to its core values and missions, Jeff believes that the company will realize its goals by applying these innovative treatments.

Jorge Moll and His Team Show That Your Soccer Team is Like Your Family

Soccer fans unite! An interesting study has just come out on the basis of sports fans loyalty to their teams and to fans of their teams. For quite a while research has been interested in questions of loyalty and fanaticism, and, though psychology has it’s theories, neurology hadn’t really touched the subject, until now.


A study was published in Nature’s Scientific Reports journal in November about altruism among sports fans. Altruism, of course, is the act of selfless concern for others. The research was done at the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) by head neurologist Jorge Moll. Jorge Moll has always had a passion for neurology, especially as it relates to questions in the field of psychology. The D’Or Institute for Research and Education is a neurological institute located in Brazil and headed by Jorge Moll.


In this particular study, Jorge Moll wanted to know what an MRI looked like when fans of soccer teams were asked to give money to either, themselves, a fan of their own team, or a non-fan (someone who didn’t root for either team.) The results were fascinating.


Essentially, the subject was hooked up to functional Magnetic Resonance (fMR) scanner and images of their brains were recorded during the test. They were asked to squeeze a pressure sensor when reacting to giving to any of the groups. The pressure on the squeezer was recorded as the effort put into the decision.


First, most people choose to keep the money for themselves (no surprise there), but when people gave money to team-mates the area of the brain that lit up was the orbitofrontal cortex (mOFC) as well as the subgenual cingulate cortex. The subgenual cingulate cortex is responsible for lighting up when people make altruistic decisions regarding charity or family members.


This is interesting. It shows that people regard fans of the same team that they are fans of as almost a family. The areas of the brain light up that light up when giving to family. So, next time you think of your team, remember that you feel as close to fans of your team as you do family. How is that for team loyalty?


Lee May Brings it in For Nemesis

Lee May is more than just the Senior Partner for Beamridge Ltd. He is a leader for several different young boxers in the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. This relationship is made solid through his spearheading a fund raising effort to keep the organization not only up and running but thriving as well. These funds are the result of a charity run that spans 10 Kilometers.


The purpose behind this endeavor is new transportation for club members. Every amount of support gathered from the event goes to Nemesis. The amount of money needed to procure the mini bus the club needs is not nearly important as the service its people provide to local families in its community. What does hold importance is the network of colleagues who have reached out to help Lee May and Nemesis.


This kind of action is made possible through crowdfunding, which cuts through the red tape of officially being a charity organization before being able to fund a good cause. Having this mini bus allows Nemesis members to compete locally and within European tournaments. The club does more than train athletes, as it helps to make sure that its members develop healthily within an enriched environment. Nemesis ABC is to thank for this structure.


As a long-time boxing fan, this project suites Lee May perfectly. And, he is in good company with supporting parties such as Open Architecture Ltd, Aitch Group and the Keltbray Foundation. But, organizations are the only ones to thank for their support. Everyday good people like Gilbert Anderson and Mark Hoskins deserve a word of recognition as well. It takes a businessman as cool and smooth as Lee May to bring this many people together for something as fun as a support for a youth boxing club.