The heartbroken family of parents and their two who were brutally shot to death in their home have broken their silence after the chief suspect was gunned down by the police following a dramatic high speed chase.

Alberto Rolon, Zoraida Bartolomei, and their two sons, Adriel and Diego, were massacred in their Chicago-area home last weekend. The shooting took place some time between September 16 and 17. Nathaniel Huey Jr, 32, was the suspect in the killings, with all four found dead alongside their three dogs, who were also killed.

Huey was reportedly trying to outrun police officers in Catoosa, a town in Oklahoma around 650 miles away from where the violent deaths of the family occurred in a suburban home in Romeoville, near Chicago. Police pursued Huey after reports of a suspect vehicle alerted to police because of its licence plate. Huey's car then crashed, causing it to catch fire; two shots were then heard

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In a statement from the Bartolomei family, they said: "We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of solidarity and support following the tragic loss. At this moment, our primary focus is on channelling support, assistance and love for our family and loved ones.

"We appreciate the understanding and we take this opportunity to once again express our profound gratitude for the solidarity and support extended by people during this period."

Deputy Police Chief Chris Burne said: "This morning, acting on a digital licence plate reader alert, the Catoosa, Oklahoma Police Department was alerted to the presence of the suspect vehicle in their jurisdiction. Acting on this alert, local authorities located the vehicle and attempted to conduct a traffic stop.

"The vehicle immediately attempted to elude the officers resulting in a single car crash of the suspect vehicle, causing the vehicle to catch on fire. Officers on scene heard two noises, believed to be gunshots. A female, with a gunshot wound, was located and removed from the passenger side of the vehicle and is listed in critical condition. A male, also with a gunshot wound, was located deceased on the driver's side of the vehicle. It is believed to be Huey."

Hunter McKee, spokesman for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, said the agency was called in to assist the Catoosa Police Department following the police chase. McKee said police received two alerts: one for a missing female, the other for an armed and dangerous suspect.

Burne added: "Nothing in our investigation to this point leads us to believe that there are any other suspects." Cristiana Espinoza, 25, said she filed a missing person report on Tuesday. She said the woman left with Huey "willingly", but she was "scared". "She was crying... I was in contact with her." Espinoza said "We knew where she was... I was begging for her to come home. I honestly feel she left to protect her family."

A GoFundMe page has been started to benefit the relatives of the murdered Rolon-Bartolomei family. The page says: "Their kids were the sweetest most innocent angels who could hug your worries away.

The fundraiser has already raised nearly $35,000.

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