The mothers of the two teenagers charged with murder after they intentionally mowed down and killed a man on his bicycle have broken their silence.

Andreas Probst, 64, was riding his bike in the cycle lane just after 6am on 14 August, when a 17-year-old driving a Hyundai Elantra allegedly intentionally swerved and crashed into the back of him.

Police said that the passenger – a 16-year-old – was filming the crash on his phone while laughing.

The pair then drove off and left him to die, according to police.

The victim, a retired Los Angeles police chief who served for 35 years, was taken to the University Medical Centre where he was pronounced dead.

The alleged attack on Probst marked the end in a series of at least three alleged hit-and-runs by the teenage perpetrators that same morning, according to police.

Now, the mother of the 17-year-old driver has spoken out to 8 News Now about her disbelief at what her son has allegedly done.

“I don’t know why he did this,” she said.

“I don’t know if God can forgive this,” she continued.

According to 8 News Now, the driver has an extensive criminal record within the juvenile system.

He was arrested on the day of the hit-and-run, but it took police five days to find and arrest the passenger who filmed the incident.

Ultimately, the 16-year-old was tracked down and arrested on Tuesday after a student showed the video to a school resource officer.

They are both now facing murder charges.

The video captured the teen laughing and making comments while the car first ploughs into the side of a white Toyota before Probst is seen up ahead.

Then, without any indication that they would try to move around him, the vehicle directly hit Probst.

While the mother of the 17-year-old appeared horrified by her son’s alleged actions, the mother of the passenger had a very different reaction to the charges brought against her own son.

“My son’s side of the story will be told, ‘the truth,’ not the inaccuracies the media will try to portray,” a text message to 8 News Now said.

The mother of the 16-year-old passenger was charged with five counts of child abuse in 2016, according to court documents obtained by 8 News Now.

She received a conviction for misdemeanour disorderly conduct and her son was in the child welfare system.

Both teenagers are facing charges of murder with a deadly weapon, attempted murder and battery, Chief Deputy District Attorney Michael Watson said at a court hearing on Wednesday.

Before hitting Probst, the two teenagers also hit a 72-year-old man on a bicycle in the early hours of the morning, police said. The 72-year-old was not injured in the crash.

The 16-year-old is believed to have been the driver in this first hit-and-run, police said at a news conference on Tuesday.

The pair are also accused of ramming into another vehicle and stealing four cars that morning.

Probst’s daughter Taylor Probst described her father – who she called “Andy” – as a “man of honour” at the press conference.

“We are devastated by the senseless murder of Andy,” she said. “Andy’s life was robbed by two individuals who did not believe that lives of others matter.”

She blamed social media and “decayed family values” for the terror wrought on her family.

Both teenagers are expected to be moved to an adult jail in downtown Las Vegas this week.

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